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La Fábrica de Medina is a restaurant with a lot of style, where you will find a perfect combination of modernity and vintage decoration.
Our name fully represents us, since our kitchen is 100% manufactured by us. A totally different and original cuisine, where eating becomes a taste experience and even fun on many occasions. Our cuisine is unique throughout the province, in addition to having original and varied signature tapas, our meats are the most original and striking in the province, in addition to having the classics such as beef or pork, you will find meat from all over the world such as zebra, ostrich and even crocodile.
We are the only establishment in the province of Cádiz where you can try this type of meat.


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The Factory opened its doors in 2018 after a major reform of the premises, since then the Ortega Brothers have been at the helm of this Great Factory, towards success. In the management Humberto Ortega and in the kitchen Chef Francis who runs the kitchen, both form a great team with more than 25 years of experience in the hospitality sector, reaching more than 6 locations open throughout the province.

Our kitchen team loves to create new and original tapas, where diners can taste exquisite dishes in a fun way, since in addition to combining the different flavors well, their presentations make eating sometimes become something fun.


In its menu you can find gastronomy and flavors from all countries, turning an evening at the restaurant into a gastronomic journey through several countries without leaving your chair.

From the press


“A new restaurant in Medina Sidonia where eating becomes a gastronomic experience due to the originality of its dishes.”


“One crocodile, one zebra and one ostrich marching.”


“They offer  a "fun" card. They have a charcoal oven where they prepare meats, from retinto to others as exotic as zebra, ostrich or crocodile.”

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