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Pairing Tasting

Next Friday, March 11, at 9:30 p.m., the Pairing Tasting with Wines of Cádiz will begin.  

The Tasting includes a menu with 3 preparations and dessert, each dish is paired with a wine from the province of Cádiz.

To finish we will do a Gin Tonic Tasting.


vino tinto

Pairing Tasting

Cadiz wines


€30 per person




Tuna Salad with Lime

Pairing: White Wine



Squid with Chinese Noodles and Curry Filaments

Pairing: Young Red

"Al Liquindoi"


Beef Tenderloin with Passion Fruit

Pairing: Thessaly wine




Nougat Mousse and Peppermint Ice Cream

Pairing: Pedro Ximénez


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To end

Tasting Gin Tonic


With Asidonense Gin




Cellar: 4OJOSWINES Place: El Puerto de Santa María Variety: 100% Moscatel de Alejandría Graduation: 13.5% vol.

contratiempo-moscatel-de-alejandria (1).png

Contratiempo is born from vineyards in the Pago de Balbaína, with albariza soils located in El Puerto de Santa María. A young white wine made from 100% Moscatel de Alejandría grapes. It is slowly fermented until the total exhaustion of its sugars and remains at rest in a stainless steel tank for a natural stabilization of the wine. No type of clarifying agent has been used.


With an alcohol content of 13.5° we find a young, fresh wine, in which the presence of the Albariza soil stands out. On the nose we find subtle notes of flowers, cantaloupe melon, lychee, apricot... On the palate it presents a smooth entry, with an acidity that joins a bitter sigh to give it a little more length in its passage through the mouth. Salinity and minerality appear contributed by the land of Albariza. The passage of time in the glass favors the appearance of notes that remind us even more of the variety, such as jasmine and honey notes.

We recommend a service temperature around



It goes very well with roasted white meats, vegetables, white fish, blue fish, shellfish, cold and warm salads. Dishes with quite noticeable notes of acidity, but above all it goes perfectly with a good company

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Thessaly AXR

Place: Arcos de la Frontera  Variety: 65% Petit Verdot 30% Syrah 2.5% Tintilla de Rota     2.5% Cabernet Sauvignon

Graduation: 14.5% Alcohol

Aged for 12 months in French oak barrels.

ARX2018Producto (1).png

Color Tesalia AXR has an intense cherry red color with a high layer.

In the olfactory phase an intense aroma of very ripe fruit. Next, the first characteristics of a good aging in barrels, burned wood, pipe tobacco and toasted bread are presented. It soon opens up and well-harmonized nuances continue to appear with a balsamic background.


Boca Rotunda entrance in mouth, fills everything. Fruit, wood, minerality with a saline background. Powerful and tasty, but with a friendly and elegant finish.


Great wine with a lot of life ahead of it. Arcos de la Frontera SPAIN Varieties The jewel of the south From the planting of the vineyards, the selection of varieties, the perfectionism in the winemaking and aging processes, in Tesalia everything has been done to create the «grand cru» of Andalusia .



The main focus has been to create wines of exceptional quality and style that show concentration, elegance, complexity, balance, length and nobility when aged. Ready for immediate consumption but will grow for the next ten years

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Al Liquindoi

Cellar: 4OJOSWINES Place: El Puerto de Santa María Variety: Syrah and Merlot Graduation: 14.7% vol. Vintage: 2019


In the Cadiz town of San José del Valle we find the vineyard with the highest altitude in the province and one of the most beautiful. This is where the grapes with which we make this young red wine come from.


It responds to a classic vinification of reds proceeding to a coupage of both varieties. No type of clarifying agent or filtration has been used.


With an alcohol content of 14.7º, we find a young red, fresh, with acidity and in which the presence of the Albariza soil stands out.


On the nose we find black olives, pickles, balsamic notes and a background of very ripe red fruit.


In the mouth it presents a very soft and delicate entry, with a very marked minerality.


It goes very well with fish, Asian cuisine and dishes where spicy notes stand out.


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Peter Jimenez

Type of Wine: Natural Sweet.

Grape variety: Pedro Ximénez.

Denomination of Origin: Jerez-Xérèz-Sherry.

Average age: 4 years


Pedro Ximénez wine is obtained from the grape of the same name, which is subjected to the traditional “soleo” process, until the fruit is intensely dried. After pressing, musts are obtained that have an extraordinary concentration of sugars and a certain level of coloration, which is subjected to partial alcoholic fermentation, stopped in its case by the addition of wine alcohol.


Its upbringing, exclusively oxidative in nature, favors a progressive aromatic concentration and increasing complexity, while always trying not to lose the freshness and fruity character typical of the variety.

More or less intense ebony colored wine with iodized iridescence, with very wide tears and a visual sensation of great density. On the nose it offers extremely rich aromas, with a predominance of sweet notes of dried fruit such as raisins, figs and dates, accompanied by aromas of honey, syrup and fruit compote and candied, accentuating the toasted tones (coffee, dark chocolate and cocoa) and liquorice. On the palate it is velvety and unctuous, with an acidity that mitigates the extreme sweetness and warmth of the alcohol, and a very long and tasty finish.


Pairing: Blue Cheeses (Cabrales, Gorgonzola, Stilton, Roquefort) Desserts and Ice Creams (Cheesecake, Nougat and Vanilla Ice Creams and Dark Chocolate) Panacotta, Mascarpone Ice Cream, Coffee Cream and Mexican Chili.

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